It is time to start the Academic Warning process. To that end, the online link in MedailleOne for Spring 2015 is now active, so please reference the instructions below.

As always I encourage you to submit warnings anytime throughout the semester if a student is in academic difficulty.  As you know, you can submit multiple warnings for each individual student as necessary.

Step One: Access and log-in to your MedailleOne Account.  Select the Faculty Tab and look to the right side for the “Quick Links” heading.  Please select the “Buffalo Campus Attendance Initiative and Academic Warnings” link.

Step Two:  You will now be asked to log-in and re-enter your MedailleOne username and password again for security reasons.  Click the Authenticate button.

Step Three:  The list of courses you are teaching will then appear on the screen.  Click on the course you need to submit warnings for.  The list of students registered for that course will appear.  Click the warning link to the right of the student’s name to send an academic warning to that student.

Step Four:  After you have filled out your warning information, please click “submit”.  You will be prompted to “return to the main screen”, where the list of all your courses will re-appear.  If you need to submit additional warnings continue as above.

Step Five:  Once you have submitted the warning information, please log out of your Medaille Account.  An email confirmation will be sent for each student you submit a warning for shortly after submission.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Advisement Center at 880-2227.  If there are any problems with your MedailleOne account or password you must contact the IT Department.  As always, thank you for your assistance in this important retention related initiative.

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