Annual Fund Thanks!

The Medaille College Annual Fund is off to a great start this year! The direct mail campaign is shining. The total number of gifts received from our first direct mail initiative returned almost half of the dollars raised in last year’s total. Watch for these numbers to climb in support of Medaille College, our talented students, and your dedicated work.

Our Fall Phone-a-thon was an overwhelming success with all of the thanks going to a team of dedicated, creative, fun, engaging students. We are awed and so thankful to report that the support from our community of alumni & friends who helped us far exceed our goal for number of gifts.

Our phonathon students worked diligently to not only retain gifts but build relationships. While success is easily measured in dollars and gifts, gauging impressions is a challenge. However we received more than one note expressing support. Just one example read:  “Special thanks to Clair Ozoria ’19 who was lovely to speak to on the phone and wrote a sweet note. Thanks for your kindness!”

We appreciate everyone that supports Medaille College all throughout the year but the holidays are special time of year. We wanted to give something back to those that remember us during the month of December. So for the past 15 days we have been sending #MedaillePride back to these supporters. For the next 16 days we will continue to thank our alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends that give to Medaille College during the holiday season. Each person will receive  #MedaillePride stickers with their thank you letter. Thank you and Happy Holidays from Medaille College!holidayletter

  • : Leah Eagan-Stoddard

Posted by: Leah Eagan-Stoddard