I write again to  request your full compliance over the next few days, through this Friday,  with the Fall 2014 attendance initiative for all traditional undergraduate students in day and evening classes.

Thanks to those of you who have already submitted information.

In addition,  the academic Division Heads and I ask your vigilance in  submitting academic warnings—beginning as early as next week–to help identify  all of the undergraduate students beginning to demonstrate signs of academic difficulty.  Traditionally, instructors issue academic warnings to students whose performance is at a C- or lower level at any time throughout a semester.

This fall we are encouraging you to submit academic warnings to students at the first signs of academic jeopardy, especially with first-time freshmen, who often lack the experience and self-awareness to understand fully the true nature of their academic performance.  The academic warning link on Medaille One will be activated by Monday, September 15.  In the meantime, if you have concerns about specific students, please reach out to them to talk and offer support.

Attendance and academic warning data will be shared with the new Quick Response Retention Team for appropriate action.

However, we also ask each instructor to be proactive in reaching out personally to each student to whom you issue a formal academic warning.  Make every reasonable attempt to meet with the students to explain the kinds of corrective actions they might take and to remind them of the academic and other support services available to help them.

Thank you in advance for your contributions, in many ways, to student success and persistence.

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