Medaille College will go to Blackboard SP14 on 12/22/2014.

Appearance and use of Blackboard will not change however there are new features for Faculty and Students that will appear.

Upcoming Features Videos: Click on start prezi, then the arrows for more info. Click on the Play button if you want to view a video about the update.

Achievements – Course based achievements for students. (Think of “trophies in games”)

Date Management – This allows a course/template to advance due date assignments for a copied course, no longer do you need to adjust all dates one by one.

My Grades – Students can change the look of the grade book and students can sort by “Graded”, “Submitted”, etc.

Groups Management – New options for groups.

Grading – All gradable items will look like assignments now.

Blogs/Journals – All “discussion” items will display the question like DQs now do.

Test Options – Instructors can customize tests options to one student.

Xplor – Instructors can share or use content from any other instructor, even outside of Medaille.


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