Official Proclamation

WHEREAS, the ongoing success of Medaille College relies on extremely dedicated staff;

WHEREAS, the ongoing success of Medaille College has been a direct result of the hard work of its longest serving staff;

WHEREAS, service to Medaille College for 45 years represents #freakinAMAZING service and dedication; and

WHEREAS, we are all deeply appreciative to Mary Sokoloski for all that she has done for Medaille College, Staff Council and Academic Affairs;

NOW, THEREFORE I, Dr. Kenneth M. Macur, President of Medaille College, by virtue of the power vested to me and Pursuant to Volume 1, Article 6, Section 6.1   of the Medaille College Handbook, do hereby proclaim that June 29th, 2016 is hereby recognized as Mary Medaille Day.

Furthermore, I call upon all faculty, staff, and students to celebrate this very treasured service and wish Mary Medaille continued good health, happiness, and success.


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