A new book by Dr. Matt Bowker (Visiting Assistant Professor, Division of Liberal Arts and Communication), entitled, “Ideologies of Experience: Trauma, Failure, Deprivation, and the Abandonment of the Self,” will be released by Routledge early in 2016.


In it, Dr. Bowker shows that many of the qualities associated with ‘experience’ over the centuries — its unthinkability, its correspondence with suffering, and its occlusion of the self — are attributable to unlikely fantasies or ideologies. By analyzing a series of related cases, including the experiential education movement, the ascendancy of trauma theory, the philosophy of the social contract, and the psychological study of social isolation, Dr. Bowker argues that ideologies of experience are invoked not to keep us close to lived realities and ‘things-in-themselves,’ but, rather, to distort and destroy knowledge of ourselves and others.


Dr. Bowker’s fifth book, “Ideologies of Experience” continues to work in the inter-disciplinary space between political philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, and literary and cultural criticism, and may be of interest to students and faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences. A new paperback edition of his 2014 (Routledge) book, “Rethinking the Politics of Politics of Absurdity: Albert Camus, Postmodernity, and the Survival of Innocence,” has just been released and will be available in December 2015.

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