Dr. Elaine Correa was at the University of Verona. Italy, over the summer, as a Visiting Professor in the “Dipartimento Di Filosofia, Pedagogia, Psicologia (Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology). She participated in a pilot research study on technology integration in teaching.  The pilot study was attempting to identify how teachers and students are using digital technologies in schools.  The pilot study,  “Technologie Digitali e Pratiche Didattiche” (Digital Technologies and Teaching Practices) resulted in a number of interesting results which provided the basis for a larger research study.  Along with her colleagues in Italy, Dr. Correa worked on the larger research project design which has recently been approved by the Ethical Commission (IRB) at the University of Verona.

Dr. Correa has been asked to serve as the Principal Investigator on a U.S./Italy comparative study.  In collaboration with the University of Verona, Dr. Correa will design and conduct a Research Study on Teacher’s and Student’s uses and interpretations of Digital Media in school. As the co-investigator on the pilot and full International Research Project, Dr. Correa will present at the International Academic Forum (International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary) Conference in January.

Dr. Correa presented at the CLUTE Institute  (June 7th -11th, 2015) in London, England.  Dr Correa’s paper, entitled “The (Dis)/Engagement, (Dis)/Satisfaction, and (De)/Valuing of Learning: From Teacher-to-Learner-to Customer-Centered Education” was very well received, earning recognition and awarded as “Best Paper Presentation”.  Dr. Correa was formally acknowledge for her presentation and presented a certificate of excellence at the closing ceremonies of the conference.

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