has received 3 questions from faculty and staff since the presentations that took place on January 30 & 31 .  The College Cabinet met this past week to review the questions that were submitted and provide answers to each (listed below).

Question #1 – The state of the college is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18 from 12:30 to 1:30.  Many faculty are in class at that time including myself.  The same timeslot on MWF if virtually class free for the purposes of having meetings.  Can this presentation be switched to MWF?  Thank you.

Answer #1 – Academic leadership understands that the timing of the State of the College Address conflicts with some faculty teaching schedules.  Because of the importance of this presentation,  the VPAA and academic deans are giving blanket approval for any faculty members  to make appropriate alternative instructional arrangements for students so that they may attend, just as they would if having to miss a class due to illness, weather conditions, or conference attendance.

Question #2 – People at the Amherst Campus have been worried about the campus closing, as well as Rochester for that matter.  When are our leases up for those properties?  Are we looking to sublease?

Answer #2 – Understanding that there is curiosity among many about the future of our campuses, we’ve taken the liberty of interpreting the question about campus contracts and leases as one of campus viability.  The business models that justified full Medaille campuses in Amherst and Rochester no longer apply.   We will not, though, surrender our Business and Education programs.  They have been our backbone and we believe that they will pull strongly again. The President statedon January 30th that we would like to keep an instructional and operational presence in Amherst and Rochester, but has also written that consolidation and combination of operations are imperative.  Those are not contradictions.   We are modeling the ways to create a more central Medaille even as we work to improve our ability to recruit and serve students beyond Buffalo.

Question #3 – Will Admissions be sitting down with academics to make sure what admissions tells students is accurate in terms of program length, requirements, etc?  If so, when?

Answer #3 – With the organizational changes being made within SAGE/SOE Admissions, Karen McGrath, will be reaching out to academic departments to discuss the new structure and staff caseloads.  As part of those meetings she will schedule staff training with individual programs for the recruiters.

Just a reminder:  Vice Presidents and Deans are available to meet one on one or with departments to help answer any questions that relate to the material covered on January 30 & January 31.  Please feel free to contact them with questions, set up meetings for you and fellow staff members, or upload your question to


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