General Resources

Resources for Teaching and Learning

  •  Center for Community-Based Learning Faculty Resources: To support Project EQUIP’s unique community-based learning environment on the Buffalo campus, the Center for Community-Based Learning provides services and resources to faculty, students, and community-based organizations. The CCBL supports faculty with course and assignment design, project planning, connecting with appropriate community partners, coordinating logistics, and assessing student learning outcomes.
  • Class of 2020 Summer Reading Program: This I Believe
  • EQUIP: Learn more about how our Buffalo Campus faculty and students link classroom learning with real-world problem-solving throughout their undergraduate experience.
  • Faculty Sandbox is located in Huber 203 (Buffalo Campus) & serves as a dedicated space for educational technology training.
  • Internships are a vital component to our students’ learning at Medaille. This site provides information for internships offered to undergraduate students at the Buffalo Campus, including: orientation materials, Internship Guidelines and Resource Manual for students, release forms, prompts for student learning reflection, and much more.
  • IT Resources for faculty, including: FAQs, A Guide for New Faculty, IT training opportunities & manuals, and AV/IT setup and equipment request forms.
  • Classroom Technology (Buffalo Campus)
  • Learning Communities
  • Library Resources: Medaille Libraries offer an extensive resource for faculty and instructors, including: research tips, educational resources, rubrics and standards, and other services.
  • Connect students to curricular and co-curricular support through our Student Success Center.
  • Title III Strengthening Institutions: Learn more about Medaille’s grant-funded activities designed to strengthen and centralize vital student and learning support services, including faculty development opportunities.
  • Converting On-ground Courses to Hybrid Courses

Resources for Student Learning Assessment

  • Assessing Institutional Effectiveness: A Guide and Resource Manual for Campus Educators [Please note: Medaille is currently in the process of implementing LiveText for our institutional assessment. This guide provide relevant information about assessment, but please check with Dr. Illana Lane if you have questions about process, forms, etc.]
  • The Lumina Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP): Implications for Assessment
    By Peter Ewell, with a Foreword by George Kuh and Stanley Ikenberry, a Preface by Terrel Rhodes, and an Afterword by Carol Geary SchneiderThis publication provides an in-depth exploration of the latest models for assessing the advanced college-level learning outcomes articulated in the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP). The DQP describes the knowledge, skills, and applications that prepare graduates to succeed in the economy, civil society, and their own lives. This publication is ideal for campus-wide discussions about assessment of student learning outcomes.

Resources for Professional Development & Evaluation

Institutional Policies & Forms

Curriculum Manuals