How do I get to the page?

If you are on our network and using Microsoft Internet Explorer, it will automatically open in second tab when you open your browser.  You can also access the site by typing in, or click on the link located on homepage (I think we said yes to this) and then sign in using your Medaille username and password.

I was in charge of an event that took place at Medaille and was able to record a video clip of the event.  I would like to share this with my fellow Medaille employees to show what a great event it was.  How do I go about doing this?

To upload a video we ask that you contact the webmaster, and he will help load it to the message.  If there is a YouTube video available please provide the link within the message.  This is the easiest way to have the video uploaded.

How long should a news post be?

It is recommended that most posts for news, events or achievements be in the range of 100-250 words. You can always include a link in the short summary for readers to see more information, photos or videos.

How long will messages stay on the site?

Messages are stored and are searchable from the creation of the site until the current date.

Is meant to replace email?

No.  Email is an official communication stream of the college.  This site is meant to upload information on positive news stories and events in an instant, colorful, and more personable way.  We encourage people to use both email and this site.

What types of messages and events can be uploaded?  

We encourage users to post messages/stories that would benefit the Medaille Community in some way.  Examples of this would be:

  • positive stories about Medaille employees or its students in the news (faculty accomplishments & publications, successful Medaille student/faculty fundraisers).
  • events that are happening at any of the three campuses.
  • awareness of key college events (Colloquia, Commencement, College wide presentations).
  • positive stories about Medaille that might be for internal audiences only (success of bond refinancing, United Way day of Caring, etc).

Examples of posts that are NOT a good fit:

  • Your community/civic group is having a fundraiser
  • You are having a garage sale or are trying to sell an old set of golf clubs

What is the process of posting a story/message?

Users should click on the button marked “post a new message/story”.  Users will then provide all of the relevant details about their post (name of poster, title, text, picture if needed) and click the button “Share my news!”.  The message is submitted to College Relations for a final check and is then posted to the site.