Medaille Faculty & Staff,

Please store only Medaille business related items on the Medaille College file server locations.  We have been spending a lot of money adding storage to our storage area networks (SAN) and also our backup systems.  Storing ITunes, movies, pictures and other personal documents are having an effect on the storage available to save Medaille documents and instructional materials.  Personal stored items are also increasing backup costs and the time it takes to run backups.  We are constantly re-engineering our backup schedules to be able to backup all of our data nightly.  If you move your music and pictures to your Medaille-owned computer we will not back up those items before we re-image machines.  It is better to save the items on your own personal storage media to prevent loss.

Please take the time to remove your personal items from Medaille fileservers in the next couple of weeks.  The IT Department will be doing a cleanup in the latter part of June to remove anything you might have missed.  These actions link to out File Server Policy for faculty and staff found here:  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Thank you.


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