Medaille College’s First-Year Experience Program is running a “Power of You” seminar series this semester. The series aims to provide freshmen with the tools, services and learning community they need to make a successful transition into the collegiate environment, and leadership certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the series.

Pictured is facilitator Tamara McMillan presenting the second week’s theme about hustle and motivation.

The remaining seminars are all to be held from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Main 200.

  • 3rd Week (9/24/18) Theme: Self-Mastery
  • 4th Week (10/1/18) Theme: Collaboration
  • 5th Week (10/15/18) Theme: Swiss Cheese
  • 6th Week (10/22/18) Theme: Growth Mindset
  • 7th Week (10/29/18) Theme: Only Intelligence
  • 8th Week (11/12/18) Theme: Liberation

First-Year Experience Program Director Dr. James Louis Ramsey thanks facilitator Tamara McMillan, all of the students that came out and Medaille’s faculty for supporting a successful series.

  • : Medaille College Office of Communications

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