Generation Z students have quickly replaced Millennials on college campuses and in serving communities as part of each college’s service-learning and community-based activities. It has been proven that this new generation of college students craves authentic experiences, and prefers applied learning and immersive educational experiences over in-class instruction. This generation has also grown up with technology in their hand from birth, and is on its way to becoming the most educated generation in history.

Tom Vane, the Assistant Director of Student Engagement at SUNY Buffalo, presented on this topic at Medaille College on Friday, January 21 to an audience of over 75 faculty, staff and community partners from the WNY area. He addressed the theme of the Western New York Service Learning (WNYSLC) Workshop: “What Do Students Want from their College Experience?” He also talked about some of the best practices on how to engage this population in an interactive and informative hour presentation. #MedailleCBL #WNYSLC

  • : Lisa Kragbé

Posted by: Lisa Kragbé