Division of Education faculty, Dr. Virginia Batchelor, Dr. Illana Lane and Dr. Craig Centrie have published articles in Female Students and Cultures of Violence in Cities edited by Julia Hall (2015) in Routledge, NY.

“Urban girls’ stories of violence call on professional educators, students, and other stakeholders invested in girls’ well-being to listen, heed, and take action to stem this dangerous tide so that girls the world over can lead healthier, more productive lives.” Amira Proweller, DePaul University, USA


Human Sex Trafficking in the City: Seeking Victims among Domestic Girls (Lane and Batchelor) explores the seedy and dangerous underworld of sex trafficking. Focusing on young black girls, Lane and Batchelor suggest that black girls are more vulnerable to being trafficked then those of the dominant culture because the media is less likely to do coverage. This case study provides narratives from two women who have survived sex trafficking and are now advocates for information and education in the community.


When Black Girls Became Pretty: Teacher Biography as Source of Student Transformation (Centrie), explores a life long friendship with 60’s author Carlene Hatcher Polite, providing fascinating details about the author’s life. This narrative  of a successful black woman is used as inspiration for oppressed women who face nearly insurmountable obstacles in their lives. The author suggests that narrative and biography can be used as a source of student transformation to success.


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