I would like to share some great news! Seventy-five freshmen successfully completed the Title III initiated Learning to Learn Institute August 24th – 29th 2014. The week-long residential program covered academic and skills sessions. The program was successful because of the faculty and staff that gave their time to coach and present all week.  i would like to acknowledge Michelle Bogdan, Bridget Brace-McDonald, Laura Comstock, Rachael Gormley,Tiffany Hamilton, Anne Pfohl, Michelle Schultz, and Andy Yeager for being full-time coaches. I would also like to acknowledge Debby Ceppaglia, Lisa Marsherall, Alice Villasenor, Patrick Fazioli, Tom Orrange, Lindy Feider, Hettie Domino, Jerry Erion, Bridgette Slavin, Connie Hanel, and Cheryl Potter for presenting various workshop sessions during the week.

Also this week would not have been a success without Jason Perri, Karen McGrath, and their staff.

Although I will be putting together full assessment report, I would like to share some feedback from the students:

“I really enjoyed how the professors got involved in our activities and made us feel welcomed. It made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I thought that the professors were going to be intimidating, but this experience made a big difference in my outlook for my upcoming years in college.”

“I learned great organizational skills and how my lack of motivation is something I can change. I have to be motivated and want to learn!”

“Going to the various workshops I learned that this program was more than just college prep, it was opening our eyes to the world and relating different people and their lifestyles.”

Thank you for your time!


  • : Sam Purpora

Posted by: Sam Purpora