Dear Campus Community:

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Employee Engagement Committee are pleased to announce the Medaille College Adjunct Faculty Award.

Details are provided below.  Nominations are encouraged from all campus constituencies.  The awards will be presented at the spring Campus Colloquium in May.

Please use the online forms at the links below to submit your nominations by April 7.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us honor excellence in mentoring and teaching.

Dr. Norm Muir, VPAA



To honor excellence in undergraduate teaching and mentoring, the College will annually bestow three awards on exemplary adjunct faculty:

  • the Judith Sereno Zak Teaching Excellence Awards for ALP program faculty, awarded to both a Rochester and a Buffalo campus adjunct; and
  • a Buffalo Campus Teaching Excellence Award to an adjunct teaching in the traditional day program.


The following characteristics may be included for defining teaching excellence, but are not limited to enthusiasm, teamwork, candidate’s positive relationship with students, knowledge in the field, successful students, integrity, commitment to teaching, documentation of teaching excellence, and demonstration of ability to facilitate student learning.


All adjuncts who have taught a course during the current academic year are eligible.  The awards will be given every year unless there are no nominations.

Nominations Process

  1. Any individual student, staff, or faculty member may nominate candidates.
  2. Nominations may also come from academic programs or divisions, official student clubs and the Alumni Executive Board.
  3. Nominations from a program or division are not restricted to a member of that program or division.
  4. Nominations from programs, divisions or clubs must be made by a majority vote and should be reflected in the minutes of the meeting.
  5. The person who is nominated must agree to accept the nomination before he/she can be considered in the selection phase

Selection Committee                         

  1. Immediate past recipient of award.
  2. Chairperson of the Faculty Council.
  3. Two at-large representatives from the general full time faculty chosen through a nomination and election process between March 1 and April 15.
  4. SGA President (or designee)
  5. Alumni Association President (or designee)
  6. AVPAA

Application and Selection Process

  1. Nominations are submitted to the VPAA, who will inform candidates.
  2. Candidates must accept the nomination to remain in consideration.
  3. Nominees will be required to submit the following materials:
  • A letter of acceptance in which they explain why they are a deserving recipient.
  • Letters of recommendations from appropriate campus stakeholders.
  • A portfolio demonstrating evidence of excellence in teaching and mentoring, including student opinion surveys.
  1. All nominations, materials, and Committee deliberations will be kept confidential.
  2. Selection by the Committee will be by majority vote (paper ballot)


Award recipients will be announced at the annual spring College Colloquium or other appropriate College event. Honorees will receive a plaque and a monetary award.

Nomination, Review, and Announcement Calendar for 14-15

April 7             Nominations are due to the VPAA.  A short rationale must be included.

April 8             Nominees will be notified by the VPAA.

April 10           Nominees notify the VPAA of their acceptance.

May 1              Nominees’ portfolio is due in the Office of Academic Affairs.

May 15            Decision of the Selection Committee will be submitted to the VPAA

May 29            Awards announced at the Campus Colloquium

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