The WNY Children’s Book Expo was on November 6th at Kleinhans Music Hall and Medaille College graduate students were there to help!  Students in Mary Beth Scumaci’s EDL 650 Assessment and Literacy class volunteered to assist at the event where 36 authors from across the US and from Canada came together to sign books, autographs, &  perform storytelling sessions.  In addition to volunteering, students were also able to meet authors, mingle with community members, and attend a professional development session to learn about family literacy by authors Judy Bradbury and Susan Busch.  Thousands of children, parents, grandparents, educators, and community members attended as well as Curious George, Sabretooth Tiger, the Princesses and other story book characters.  It was a great experience for the students to see the power of literacy in action and give back to the community.  Volunteers included  Nicholeta Chamos, Alyson Moser, Alessia Tkach, Jen Davids, Courtney Fry, Christine Krubnik, Niky Johnson, Paul Lewis, Diem Luu, Linda MacDonald, & Mary Beth Scumaci.


  • : Mary Beth Scumaci

Posted by: Mary Beth Scumaci