Dr. Richard L. Jacob, director of Medaille’s sport management degree program and head of the College’s Division of Applied and Social Sciences, recently discussed the Buffalo Bills 2015 season with Time Warner Cable News. While he acknowledged fans’ frustration with the team’s difficulties, Dr. Jacob believes “good things are coming” for head coach Rex Ryan’s squad.

“I don’t know that it’s fair that we judge not even completing one season,” he says. “Whether or not Rex is the guy, it’s beyond Rex. It’s an organization. You may have to make decisions, but I don’t think clean house and start over is the answer.”

Dr. Jacob has been teaching and coaching at Medaille since 1995. With experience serving as the College’s first full-time athletic director and first full-time head basketball coach, he understands that athletic success takes time.

“We know that great players make great coaches, but it is beyond that,” Jacob said. “Reaching that level of cohesion is every coach’s challenge, and it’s no different here in Buffalo. So I would say that’s the priority.”

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