Medaille College students have a new tool to share their Medaille journeys with the world. A Merit page hosts student achievements — an academic honor, study abroad, an internship or community service — and serves like a resume to share online with the people who matter most.

The College is working with Merit to chronicle the thousands of opportunities available to our students. Then we proudly share them with students’ hometown newspapers, area legislators and high schools.

“With more than 70 percent of recruiters in the U.S. reporting that they’ve rejected candidates because of information they found online, we wanted to give every one of our students a hub for positive information about themselves,” says Medaille President Dr. Ken Macur. “Plus, because updates to students’ Merit pages also reach friends and family via social media and other channels, the success of our students helps Medaille tell our story in a personalized way. Ultimately, students’ Merit pages become a verified record of success that can shared with potential employers.”

Medaille awards Merit badges to students based on a variety of categories. A student’s Merit page is then automatically updated with the badge and a description of the achievement. Once the achievement is released, a student will receive an email with the badge and a link to their Merit page. Pages can be enhanced by adding a photo and bio, as well as any other activities and work experience. And when Merit pages are connected to social networks, friends and family can also see and share in student successes.

Learn more about Merit.

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