We are happy to announce the soft-launch of our future replacement portal for MedailleOne. Our new portal is named Medaille360. MedailleOne is coming to its end-of-life date, so we decided to develop a modern portal in-house. MedailleOne is not going away until sometime in January, but we want you to use the soft-launch to get accustomed to the new portal. This is a Phase I soft launch – more features will be added in future phases based upon your feedback and what we think will enhance your portal experience.

Here are informational pieces for the launch:

  1. The URL to the Medaille360 is https://360.medaille.edu/new. Use this URL and not just https://360.medaille.edu (make sure to include the “/new” in the URL).
  2. The landing page is designed in a web-responsive framework, so it works great on mobile devices, as well as laptops and desktops. All backend pages will be fully responsive on December 17, when we move to Banner 9.
  3. There still might be things that need to be fixed. If you find anything that doesn’t work properly or doesn’t display correctly, please use the FEEDBACK button and let us know about the issue.
  4. Staying on the topic of feedback – please send feedback on things you like and find useful or features you would like to see added.

Please take the time to use Medaille360. This is going to be our new portal in January, on a date that will soon be announced.

  • : Bob Chyka

Posted by: Bob Chyka