Steven MacMartin, director of Medaille’s bachelor’s degree program in homeland security and a clinical assistant professor at the College, appeared in-studio on WBEN-AM radio on March 23, 2016, to discuss the March 22 terrorist attacks in Belgium. He also offered his insight on the attacks to WIVB-TV.

During his radio appearance, MacMartin discussed the latest breaks in the hunt for those responsible. He also highlighted why it is so important that Americans pay close attention to the news from Brussels.

“What I’m afraid of is people are becoming desensitized to these attacks,” he stated to WBEN’S John Zach and Susan Rose. “I think that’s the last thing we want to happen. You have to keep a heightened state of awareness.”

In addition, MacMartin provided WIVB-TV viewers with some personal security tips. He says there are ways for travelers to increase their safety in places like airports, train stations and bus stations.

“At each venue like that, no matter how it’s protected, there are certain choke points,” he says. “There are places where you’re going to be stopped and grouped with other people. Those are the places you want to think about spending the least amount of time in.”

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