Medaille Faculty, Staff and Students,

On Tuesday March 11th we will be launching a new version of MedailleOne and a single sign-on service branded Medaille Connect.  The new service is built on new software, uses all-new equipment, and sets the stage for new features.  For those of you unfamiliar with single sign-on technology, you will sign into a portal page using your Medaille logon credentials and in the background it passes a token automatically signing you into our core web systems so you only have to provide your username and password once. 

The systems that will be authenticated under Medaille Connect will be MedailleOne, Student E-Mail, Blackboard and Banner Web.  On the launch date when you go to any of these services you will automatically be redirected to the Medaille connect portal to take advantage of single sign-on technology.  We will continue to bring other systems under the single sign-on umbrella after the initial launch date including library systems, faculty/staff e-mail and Medaille computer logons. 

We currently have a test instance of Medaille Connect and the new MedailleOne on the current MedailleOne login page in the news section.  Here you can login and test the Medaille Connect system and see how it works with MedailleOne.  There is also a feedback button for any issues or questions you might have.

We hope that you enjoy the new MedailleOne and the growing convenience that Medaille Connect will bring.

  • : Bob Chyka

Posted by: Bob Chyka