Colleagues, with efforts from across the college, our new web site is scheduled to launch soon.  Thanks to all those who participated.   If you were not able to attend the two previews last week, the URL for the site is   Feel free to peruse the pages (and be sure to check out the new undergraduate admissions microsite that will appear as one of the banners on the home page as the “Medaille Experience”).  You will notice that the web site is clearly geared toward marketing the college and our programs.

The web group, consisting of representatives from admission, college relations, marketing, and IT, has an ongoing list of major and minor edits and improvements to make both before and after launch.  We wanted to give you this preview now, though.  Please feel free to email if you notice any problems or would like to comment, and include the page on which you are commenting in the subject line of your email.  In the near future, you will hear more about how we will organize our web site work and how offices can help provide content going forward.  Thanks again for all the help!


John Crawford

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