Dr. Elaine Correa (Associate Professor, Division of Education) in collaboration with her colleagues from the University of Verona, Italy (Dr. Francesco Fabbro and Prof. Alberto Agosti), presented together their paper entitled “Pitfalls of Enthusiasm: Questioning Our Practices – Reflecting on Our Actions” at the International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary IAFOR Conference on Technology in the Classroom, held at the Convention Center in Honolulu Hawaii, January 8-11, 2016.   Dr. Correa also served as a Session Chair for the Conference Theme Strand: Conflicting Perspectives for Teaching and Learning.

The research paper presentation was based on the pilot research study funded by the University of Verona entitled “Digital Technologies and Teaching Practices in Schools”.  This comparative research study explores the way teachers and students understand and make sense of digital technologies for teaching/ learning in schools.   The Research Team began the pilot study during the summer of 2015 in Italy, and formally began collecting data for the study in September.  The U.S. portion of the study officially began in January 2016 after the approval (IRB clearance) for the comparative U.S. portion of the study was granted by the Institutional Review Board at Medaille in December 2015.  As Principal investigator for the U.S. portion of the study, Dr. Correa will also be collaborating with other American researchers in designing local U.S. comparative studies.  Dr. Correa is excited about this research project and looks forward to expanding her work in this area.

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