Dr. Matt Bowker, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Division of Liberal Arts and Communication, presented his paper, “Trauma and the Ideology of Experience,” at the annual international conference of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society (APCS), held at Rutgers University on October 16-18.

Dr. Bowker’s paper examines both the clinical and the philosophical understandings of psychological trauma in relation to the idea of “experience,” its conceptual heritage, and the anti-subjective qualities expressed in the modern and postmodern turn to experience and experiment as privileged sources of truth and moral authority.
Fellow panelists included Professors Lynne Layton (Harvard University), Marshall Alcorn (George Washington University) and C. Fred Alford (University of Maryland, College Park). A copy of the paper may be made available upon request.
  • : Matt Bowker

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