It was 1978 when he walked in with his soul train pants on his first day at Lafayette High School and by 1982 as President of the class, wearing the colors of the Greek flag like his mother straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding wanted him to.

Well on May 29th, Pozantides was chosen as only one of three former Alumni from various different graduating classes to receive the award as a Distinguished Wall of Fame Alumni The induction ceremony will take place at Lafayette and even though the future plans of that school’s name will change,  all the members  over the years will remain in the school forever.

Pozantides says, “I am very honored for this award to join many others in the past years who have also been nominated and chosen.”  The nomination came about as a recommendation to the Alumni Chairperson from a teacher who currently is there

The celebration includes an induction ceremony and a wonderful buffet dinner.


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