Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for attending the February 5, 2016, Staff Assembly meeting. The turnout was very encouraging. Based on your feedback from the Staff Assembly meeting, we will distribute documents via email & hold quarterly meetings.

For those who were unable to attend the February 5, 2016 meeting, please reach out to any member of Staff Council or use the Get-In-Touch form (

The fall semester was spent developing processes by which to organize our work. Now, we are ready to start rolling with action items and recommendations to Dr. Macur and/or Vice President(s)!

One of the most pressing concerns is effective communication with staff, both across divisions and throughout the organization. This concern has been echoed in your feedback.

Below are some of the recent submissions from our Get-In-Touch form. We use submissions to guide council discussions, sub-committees, and formal recommendations. Some suggestions require a lot of discussion before we can make a formal recommendation. We thank you for your patience!

Compensation & Benefits

  • Staff Assembly feedback confirmed that you are most concerned with compensation & benefits issues. The top three responses from our survey were issues regarding: compensation, restoring vacation/sick time, and retirement matching. The compensation sub-committee is gathering information in preparation to bring formal recommendations regarding these issues to Staff Council. Staff Council will then make recommendations to Dr. Macur and senior-level leadership.
  • Sick Time clarification:  Has there been any thought to re-adjusting benefits back to the old system in terms of sick time?  I am curious to know exactly how this saved the college money and how much over the years?
    • In consultation with Human Resources & VP of Business and Finance, Staff Council was given the following clarification: The policy change for sick leave was not based on financial savings. The intent was to bring the College in line with industry standard; reduce excessive absenteeism; eliminate placing an undue burden on co-workers; and encourage employees to build up sick bank–which allows full pay up to a maximum of 100 sick days–in the event of sickness or injury that would require absence for more than 6 consecutive days.


  • When Get-In-Touch submissions are received:
    • Staff Council members and/or the relevant sub-committee review the submission, gather information, and determine a response.  Staff Council may then vote to make a formal recommendation to either Dr. Macur or the appropriate Vice President.  Staff Council will share the outcome of this recommendation with Staff Assembly.
    • We make an effort to communicate directly with individuals who submit non-anonymous suggestions, questions, etc.
    • Please note:  Given Staff Council’s mission and purpose, some feedback is not within our purview. When this is the case, we make every effort to send this information to the appropriate office.  This can be difficult, especially when the feedback is anonymous. Please know, however, that we see and discuss every submission received.

Per the Charter, the proceedings of the Staff Council meetings are confidential.  However, we will communicate relevant information via Staff Assembly meetings.

  • Members of Staff Council are representative of all Staff.  Please reach out to a member of Staff Council, even if they are not from your division! We are working to improve cross-divisional communication as well as top-down communication while still respecting the formal hierarchy of the College reporting structure.

Professional Development

  • We are committed to making Medaille College one of the best places to work in Western New York! To that end, we recognize the value of professional development. Staff Council is working on ways to support programming and workshops offered through Human Resources and other offices, as well as developing our own initiatives for professional development.

Community Involvement

  • Staff Council would like to support our community through volunteering efforts, fundraisers, or other initiatives. Feedback and suggestions in this area are encouraged!
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