This is just a reminder that SMART (Survey Management and Assessment Research Tool) is available to all faculty and staff looking to access survey results from the following surveys:

Buffalo Campus:  NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement), BCSSE (Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement), YFCY (Your First College Year), Graduating Senior Survey,

Amherst and Rochester Campus:  Noel Levitz ASPS (Adult Student Priorities Survey), SAGE Student Survey  

Accessing survey results is easy!  Just go to, enter your Medaille username and password, choose “SMART” and then choose 1 0f 3 easy filtering options.

  1. Search survey questions – This option allows you to search all surveys by keyword.  Looking to see how much our students study?  Type in the keyword “study” and you will get results wherever “study” has appeared in the surveys.
  2. Browse by department – This option allows you to quickly get results for questions that fall under a specific department for all surveys and all years.
  3. Browse by surveys – This option allows you to pull up a survey in its entirety and then choose what years you would like to see for comparison.  Thinking about using results from the Noel Levitz ASPS (Adult Student Priorities) to measure student satisfaction but not sure where to start?  Use this option to see results by program and also by year.

If at any point you need a little help, click on the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Watch the tutorial for tips” or contact Institutional Research and Planning at extension 2345 or 2275.



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