Drs. Virginia Batchelor, Craig Centrie, and Illana Lane are presenting distinguished humanities scholars for the humanities and fine arts project entitled “Typography of Women: I am not invisible.” “The Typography of Women” is a multidisciplinary project that includes fine arts, performance and a panel of experts who examine human trafficking. The performance in Rockwell Hall, along with various exhibitions in the WNED and CEPA Galleries, benefit Mona’s House, a not-for-profit organization that assists those who have survived human trafficking.

Drs. Batchelor, Centrie and Lane will serve as panelists at the Rockwell Hall performance. Drs. Batchelor and Lane are both authors on the topic of human trafficking. Dr. Centrie is a recognized ethnographer whose work explores the lived experiences of refugees. The project director is the renowned writer and poet Celeste Lawson. View more information on this project.
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