Please join me in viewing a helpful webinar purchased through Medaille’s Title III grant.  We will meet in the Library Collabratorium on Monday, November 3rd at 12:30 pm.  The webinar is 60 minutes long. If you will be attending please send me an email at:

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Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies that Work

More and more students are arriving on campus without the tools they need to succeed. Some lack skills, others lack motivation, and many just don’t seem to “get” that college takes hard work and commitment.

You see it in reading assignments that go unread … homework that’s poorly done, or not done at all … course assignments that are sloppy and incomplete. And, sadly, what you see next is students dropping out.

In the online seminar, Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies that Work, you’ll learn a host of valuable practices and techniques to help get unprepared students better aligned with the demands and expectations of college.

Led by Ken Alford, PhD and Tyler Griffin, PhD, both from Brigham Young University, this seminar introduces proven strategies that will help you:

  • Promote student engagement
  • Get students to buy in to your course and its requirements
  • Guide students to sound decision making by giving them choices with well-defined consequences
  • Communicate your expectations with clarity
  • Make content more  relevant for students
  • Instill a sense of accountability and personal responsibility

The ideas shared are strategies that you can apply right now in your classroom. You’ll be able to confidently help students who otherwise face an uphill battle to stay in school and realize their dream of a college education.

  • : Samantha Purpora

Posted by: Samantha Purpora