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Please join me in attending a valuable webinar sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs on Thursday, July 30th – 3:00 – 4:30 pm (details below). Please note that if you are unable to attend, the log in information can be provided for you to view it up to 60 days after the live webinar takes place (in addition to any webinar materials).
If you are interested in attending, please send an email to sap49@medaille.edu. The webinar will be in H206.
Thank you!
Samantha Purpora
Increasing The Academic Achievement Of Minority Males: How To Create A Targeted Program That Will Help Them Succeed
An overwhelming body of research highlights non-success of minority males in higher education. Sadly, in some arenas, academia has given up and even unofficially categorized male students of color as Lost Males. This presentation will cover critical factors, both external and internal, related to creating avenues for success of minority males in higher education. Included are strategies for measuring and increasing institutional readiness and capacity, as well as how to effectively engage minority males into the campus climate. Additional discussions will focus on creating faculty and staff involvement in minority male initiatives. The presenters will also discuss how to effectively strengthen the education pipeline for minority males, including policy implications.
Participants will understand particular needs of minority male students as they pertain to success in higher education; gain awareness of institutional readiness and capacity to support minority male achievement; learn how to develop targeted programs and activities geared toward minority males; and gain insight into formal and informal accountability strategies supporting minority male success in higher education.
·       Gain an understanding of external factors attributed to low academic success of minority males
·       Construct a plan for recruiting minority male participation in campus engagement activities
·       Learn how to identify and recruit campus personnel for participation in minority male initiatives
·       Develop and monitor benchmarks of student success for minority males
·       Learn about a model process for increasing academic achievement of minority males
Who Should Attend?
·       2 & 4-year institutions
·       Minority Male Programs
·       Academic Affairs/Instruction
·       Student Affairs/Services
·       Faculty (full and part-time)
·       Those who work with grant programs such as TRiO
·       Advising
·       Counseling
·       Recruiting & Outreach
·       Enrollment Services
·       Retention Specialist
·       Directors of Assessment
·       Developmental Educators
·       First Year Experience Coordinators
·       Tutoring & Learning Centers
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