Biology students at Medaille will now have 10 acres of land in Amherst to use as a “living laboratory” to study ecology, thanks to a wetland donation made by Frank and Jeanette Levin. The plot of land, which is located at 3725 Millersport Highway and is valued at $43,000, runs alongside the highway and was designated as wetlands by the State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1996. The property will be utilized for hands-on labs in biology courses, allowing students to study the ecosystem and various factors that can affect both the flora and fauna on the site.

“On behalf of my wife, Jeanette, and myself, we are very pleased to present this 10 acres to Medaille College,” says Mr. Levin. “We both believe we have an obligation to help make a better world through the education of our youth and in protecting the environment. Happily, this donation allows us to do both.”

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  • : Medaille College Office of Communications

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