Ever wonder what stories have been viewed the most on me@medaille?  Here are the top 10 viewed stories from the first six months of me@medaille……


1.  February 11th – Faculty and Staff Presentation Questions

2.  September 26th – Buffalo Graduating Senior Survey: How satisfied are our seniors?

3.  December 22nd – Blackboard Upgrade

4.  November 14th – Medaille College Visits China

5.  August 22nd – Medaille College Community Participates in 2013 United Way Day of Caring

6.  September 13th – Benefit for Alum Jessica Frysz

7.  December 10th – Medaille Freshmen: Classroom Behavior Survey Results

8.  November 19th – Medaille Email Signatures

9.  November 25th – Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Break

10.  November 19th – What do our freshmen have to say regarding diversity here at Medaille?

Remember, faculty and staff can also view your uploaded posts through the weekly newsletter which is not counted in this tally.

Posted by: me@medaille.edu