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With the winter season in full swing these days, I wanted to send out a reminder to everyone to please use caution when on the Medaille campuses.

The Facilities crew (Buffalo campus) and our external vendors (Amherst and Rochester campuses) are continually working to keep the roadways, walkways and entrances clear of ice and snow. During snow events, we are constantly in motion and balancing the work around the campuses and various buildings. With that being said, some areas of the campus may become covered with snow while we are cleaning other areas of the campus, so I ask that you please use caution when walking or driving on campus.

If you are around campus and notice a location that needs attention (shoveling, some ice melt/salt, etc), please contact help per the following locations:

Amherst – Please contact the Facilities Department at 880-2527 or Public Safety (at the front desk) to alert the office and they will contact our snow plow contractor. If no one is present at the Facilities office or the front desk, please contact Public Safety at 880-2911 and they will assist.

Buffalo – Please contact the Facilities Department at 880-2527 to alert the office. If no one is present, please contact Public Safety at 880-2911 and they will assist.

Rochester – Please contact Ann Horn-Jeddy (during the day) or US Security (in the evenings) and they will contact our landlord.

Do not take it upon yourself to clean or shovel the area – Facilities and/or Public Safety will make note of it and coordinate the response as soon as they can based upon the current conditions.

In particular, please note the following:

  • Use handrails when necessary at entrances and stairwells
  • Wear appropriate footwear for the snowy/wintry conditions
  • Drive slower around the campus parking lots and roadways
  • Walk carefully on sidewalks, steps and ramps

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making our campus a safer place. And again, if you find an area of concern on campus – do not shovel or clean it yourself. Contact Facilities/Public Safety and they will assist.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


  • : Nate Marton

Posted by: Nate Marton