2nd Annual SMART Choices for the Holidays Challenge

Dear Colleagues,

Once again this year, Mediaille College will be joining area colleges in SMART Choices for the Holidays sponsored by Lawley Benefits Group and BlueCross BlueShield of WNY to help us stay on track during the holidays.

If you wish to participate, please see important details outlined below.

In good health,



SMART Choices for the Holidays Challenge

Daemen College | D’Youville College | Hilbert College | Medaille College | Trocaire College

Did you know that most Americans gain between three and five pounds from Thanksgiving through the New Year? While this amount doesn’t sound like much, most people don’t lose the excess weight and the cumulative effects over several years can contribute to a substantial increase in body weight that will increase your risk for chronic disease.

Join us as we team up with WNY colleges, Lawley Insurance and BlueCross BlueShield of WNY to participate in the 2nd Annual SMART Choices for the Holidays Challenge.  The focus will not be to try to lose weight during the holiday season, but simply to avoid gaining any weight this year, while engaging in healthy activities to earn points for our college. The program will provide educational tools and challenges that will help participants think in a healthful way all year round.

This six-week challenge will run from November 25- January 5. The challenge is designed to help employees maintain their weight and take healthy steps towards long-term prevention of becoming overweight and/or obese. Weekly emailed newsletters containing tips for fitting physical activity into the busy holiday season, how to eat healthy during the holidays, managing holiday stress, and other health facts will be sent to participants.  Participants will also be allowed to earn points for their college by engaging in healthy activities during the challenge. The college that has the highest average number of points per participant will receive a grand prize to raffle off to program participants.

Important Details

  1. Tracking Pre and Post-Holiday Weight.

Participants will need to weigh in during a scheduled event or virtually using a web link to submit their weight. Site weigh-ins will be conducted by BCBSWNY and Lawley. Information submitted via web link will be sent to Lawley. Medaille will not receive any personal health information during the program; we will only receive a participant report upon completion to award incentives.

Initial Weigh-In                                                                 Final Weight-In

Time: 10am-11am                                                            Time: 10am-11am

Date: Thursday, November, 21, 2013                            Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014

Buffalo Campus, Room 104                                             Buffalo Campus, Room 104

Web Links (only if you are unable to attend the weigh-in)

Initial Weigh-In (submit by November 25, 2013): http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e8hw2b8mhnrulv0f/start

Final Weigh-Ins (submit by January 17, 2014): TBD

  1. Practice healthy behaviors that support healthy living and weight management.
  • You will be given a calendar of daily challenges to do, you will gain one point for your team for every task you complete
  1. Participants that complete both weigh-ins & hand in their activity calendar at the end of the program will be entered into a raffle to receive a prize. Please hand in your calendar at the final site weigh-in or to Barbara Bilotta.
  • Participants will gain one point for maintaining or losing weight and additional points based on their activity calendar
  • Participants must hand in their completed calendar to qualify


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