Dr. Matt Bowker’s latest book (with Amy Buzby, Arkansas State Univ.), D.W. Winnicott and Political Theory: Recentering the Subject, sets the work of British object-relations theorist Donald Winnicott in conversation with some of today’s most talented political thinkers, establishing a framework by which the political subject, destabilized and disrupted in much postmodern and contemporary thought, may be recentered. Early praise for the book, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan later this year, and featuring cover art by Zoe Bowker (age 2), includes:

“True scholarship must encompass the rediscovery of sorely neglected sources of valuable knowledge. Bowker and Buzby and their likewise excellent contributors do us a great service in bringing Winnicott’s profound psychoanalytic wisdom back into the fray of political theory, front and un-decentered. I couldn’t recommend this stimulating and provocative volume too highly.”

—Kurt Jacobsen, University of Chicago, and author of Freud’s Foes and Pacification and Its Discontents

“The shared premise of this book is illustrated with admirable deftness, theoretical sophistication, and lucidity across a wide spectrum of themes. The result is a volume which, in its totality, is much more than the sum of its parts. Anyone interested in the potential of free, humane subjectivity, and in the critique of anti-humanism, will find it deeply rewarding.”

—David N. Smith, Professor and Chair of Sociology, University of Kansas

“This book is a fine volume of uncommon depth and reach. A clinician rather than a political thinker, Winnicott’s work nevertheless emerges as a significant resource for our understanding of political agency and what a good society might be. Readers already persuaded of that fact will find their thinking taken in new and surprising directions. Those unfamiliar with Winnicott’s ideas will find many reasons to take seriously his relevance to political thought and to matters of pressing political concern.”

—Peter Redman, Editor of Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society

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