Lake FX Energy Takes Buffalo by Storm

By Erin Cleary

Meet Brian Yanni ’10, the guy behind a gummy that goes. Brian is an on-the- go guy and spends his free time building his company, Lake FX Energy.

Finding the time for an afternoon catnap is difficult, if not impossible, for most people. “The gummy that goes” is designed to give you the energy that you crave. Lake FX Energy is a gummy packed with vitamins and caffeine to give the consumer a boost-whenever needed. More convenient than a cup of coffee and comparable in caffeine, this gummy just might be the coffee alternative you have been looking for. As for the name, Lake FX Energy pays tribute to the Western New York community members who are reminded all too often to endure the Lake “FX” weather.

Building a business takes time. It took two years before Brian’s company got off the ground. Despite the challenges he faced, he never stopped pushing forward. Brian attributes the small classroom settings at Medaille to his confidence and success, “The smaller classroom setting enabled me to build a stronger sense of self confidence with my peers and professors. That confidence is what pushed me through past and current life experiences.” Small class size also allows for a greater connection between students and professors. Brian was able to make such an impression on his professors that he is remembered several years after he graduated. Dr. Gerald Erion had this to say about his former student, “…Brian was a student in several of my courses; I remember him well, and fondly! It’s wonderful to hear that he’s working on a new venture.”

The small classes were not the only thing Brian enjoyed about Medaille. The ability to take classes outside his declared major allowed Brian to further develop into a professional-well before graduation, “The Medaille culture continuously pressed me to develop my public speaking skills, obtain internship opportunities, and participate in community partnerships. Upon graduation I felt I was ahead of the competition.”  In this current job saturated market, being ahead of the competition can mean all the difference.

His professors also noticed his drive and determination. Professor Dave Anderson remembers Brain fondly, “Brian always had the look of success in his eye. The future of the U.S. economy depends on young people like Brian starting businesses with innovative products. I hope other Medaille graduates follow in his footsteps.” Brian also hopes other Medaille students and alumni follow in his footsteps and warns others to not give up hope. After crossing many hurdles, Brian Yanni is well on his way to making morning coffee a thing of the past and Lake FX Energy the future.

Looking for some extra energy to help jumpstart your dream? Lake FX Energy is available at convenient stores on Elmwood Avenue and Allen Street, at promotional events and online at

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