The Honors Program held its 3rd Annual Honors Reception on Thursday, August 27th at the Darwin Martin House, located at 125 Jewett Parkway in Buffalo, NY.  The purpose of this event is to formally recognize the incoming freshmen class of Honors students, congratulate them on their accomplishments and introduce them to their professors, staff members and peers.

The program began with a tour of the Martin House Complex followed by a reception held at the adjacent Greatbatch Pavilion.  It was a great success this year as 29 new Honors students and their families were captivated by the inspirational words of President Dr. Kenneth Macur, Dr. Norman Muir, VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. Alice Villasenor, Honors Program Director, and Dr. James Ramsey, Director of the First-Year Experience.

The Honors Program boasts a strong enrollment for fall of 2015 with over 50 new incoming students thanks to the collaboration of the members of the Honors Community and the Undergraduate Admissions Team!


  • : Brian Filjones

Posted by: Brian Filjones