On April 20, the TRIO Student Support Services program held its annual Recognition Celebration to celebrate students and to recognize the contributions of the Medaille College community. In addition to honoring the graduating seniors and active TRIO participants, awards were distributed to those who participated in the Peer Mentor and Alumni Mentor programs. Finally, students nominated faculty, staff and tutors for making a difference. The Student Choice Awardees were as follows:

Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Bernadette Clabeaux, Clinical Assistant Professor of Veterinary and Natural Sciences

Outstanding Staff Award: Kelly Schoer, Animal Care Supervisor

Outstanding Tutor Award: Andrew Kij, Student Success Specialist & Math Tutor

The TRIO Student Support Services program recognized the 2017 TRIO Alumna of the Year, awarded to Emily Gearhart ’15. Emily chose to recognize Jeanine Purcell, Director of Philanthropy, for the 2017 Faculty/Staff Member Award, because Jeanine’s relationship with her scholarship donors enabled Emily to afford to attend Medaille College.

Finally, the TRIO Student Support Services program recognized the contributing leaders and partners in the highly successful Alumni Mentor Program: Richard Schneider (Alumni Board President, pictured here with two seniors), Michael McKay (Alumni Board Member), Tim Kwiatkowski (Alumni Board Member) and Nick Koziol (Director of Alumni Relations). The three board members, Rich, Mike and Tim, were instrumental in establishing the Alumni Mentor Program in 2013 and continue to diligently volunteer their time to support students.

Each year, the Recognition Celebration brings together over 100 students, families, faculty, staff, tutors, alumni and friends of the College. Please join the celebration next April!

  • : Laura Albert

Posted by: Laura Albert