Blackboard Tip (Hidden Content Areas)

When you add a content area a little box appears below where you type in the title of the area you are creating. If you want your students to be able to see the content, you need to click on “Available to users” or they won’t be able to see it.


You can tell if something in the left hand menu is available to users or not – looking at the left hand menu, if a piece of content has a small box next to it with a diagonal slash through it or just a small box, your students cannot see it.


If you see these icons, students cannot see your content area.

 To fix this:


Mouse over the content area, click the down arrow.

Then select “Show Link” to have the “Hidden” icon disappear and to allow students to see the information.



  • : IT (via Anne Pfohl)

Posted by: IT (via Anne Pfohl)