Assistant Professor Ping Zhu and the international students in her College English-as-a-Second Language Conversation course (ESL 110) partnered with the Resource Council of Western New York on Thursday, April 24. Each Medaille student was able to read a book and create a craft with a child during the after-school program. Each child who participated was able to go home with a book and the craft they made. As part of this community-based learning project, the college students will reflect on the experience with children from America; how they have made an impact on the children, and why it’s important, by having an in class reflection discussion.

Special thanks to Program Director Jerrica DeLaney and Intern Abby Smolinski for providing Medaille with this opportunity to make a difference in the community. (Left to Right: Mingshuo Wang, Jerrica DeLandey, Yunseon Choi, Bobae Nam, Abby Smolinski, Professor Ping Zhu, Lisa Kragbe, and missing from the photo, Mohamed Maalim).

  • : Brianne Santana

Posted by: Brianne Santana