Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to the Veterinary Technology Department and a special thank you to each of you and the entire Medaille “team”  for all your support.

Please see the attached letter from the AVMA inthe email I sent on 11/19 which again bestows full accreditation upon our Vet. Tech. Program.

You will also note that we have already satisfied the Critical Recommendations made by the Committee in their Evaluation Report (which in reality were not very significant except that they related to OSHA and Controlled Substances Regulations).  These were addressed by us and then documented in a report sent by me to the AVMA prior to the November CVTEA meeting.  The one Major Recommendation pertains to the structure of our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee which next meets in December.

Last week we underwent our unannounced USDA inspection and passed with non-compliant items reported (continuing our many years of outstanding attention to animal care and welfare).  I discussed the AVMA Major Recommendation and it is the opinion of the inspecting Veterinarian, which he supported with documentation, that we are in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act’s requirements pertaining to the structure of our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.  Therefore, I will be submitting this information to the AVMA shortly, prior to our December IACUC meeting.

Thank you again for your outstanding efforts on behalf of the Veterinary Technology Program which prompted one member of the Evaluation Team, who has performed over 70 onsite accreditation visits, to refer to the Medaille Program as “impressive”.


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