Matthew Bowker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Practice in Political Science in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, just published one of two recent titles: The Destroyed World and the Guilty Self: A Psychoanalytic Study of Culture and Politics (with David P. Levine).

The book was published by Phoenix Publishing House (formerly Karnac Books) and is for sale at the world-famous Karnac Bookshop as well as in the Freud Museum in London.

The book continues Dr. Bowker’s exploration of cultural and political trends organized around the belief/fantasy that the world we live in is (and must be) a dangerous place to be, dominated by hate and destruction, where our primary task is to survive by carrying on a life-long struggle against hostile forces.

The central fantasy explored in this book is the fantasy of a destroyed world, which appears most commonly in the form of post-apocalyptic and dystopian narratives. However, the special concern of the book is really with defenses against the painful consequences of this fantasy in the inner world, especially defenses involving the use of guilt to assure that something can be done to repair the destroyed (inner) world.

Specific topics explored include: the formation of internal fortresses and their projection into the world outside, forms of guilt including bystander guilt and survivor guilt, the loss of and search for home, and manic forms of reparation.

Apart from the local shops in London, the book is available globally at all major booksellers (e.g.:

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