In the summer of 2018, Dr. Matt Bowker (Interdisciplinary Studies) will travel to Singapore as a recipient of a Fulbright Specialist Grant in institutional capacity-building, critical thinking and global education.

Invited by the Singapore Institute of Management, Dr. Bowker will host a series of lectures and workshops for faculty, students and future trainers in areas such as:

  • “Best Practices for Student-Centered Teaching and Learning,”
  • “Facilitating Discussions in Small and Large Course Groups,”
  • “The Teaching of Critical Thinking and Communication,”
  • “Developing a ‘Question-Centered Pedagogy’”
  • “Training Faculty to Facilitate a Student-Centered Classroom”
  • “Assessing Critical Thinking Skills: Meaningful Measurement and Feedback”

During his visit, Dr. Bowker will also initiate the design of an enduring, virtual Teaching and Learning Resource Centre to enhance instructors’ abilities to deliver student-centered learning experiences.

The Centre will feature interactive tutorials, videos, databases, research tools and links to pedagogical and professional development opportunities. Dr. Bowker will chair the Centre’s International Advisory Board, to be composed of leading educators from around the world.


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