Dr. Susan Dunkle, Associate Professor in the Department of Education, attended the 51st EUCEN Conference in Aviero, Portugal this June. EUCEN is the European University Continuing Education Network, that “is a multidisciplinary European association for University Lifelong Learning” (EUCEN, 2019).

This year’s conference focused on the following questions: How can Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education at the Higher Education level contribute to Sustainable Quality of Life?, How does Digital Literacy link with better Livelihoods and active Citizenship?, and How could EUCEN contribute to further discussions on the issues of each strand?

Dr. Dunkle was the Moderator and Contributor to this Panel Discussion that included (left to right) Dr. Alfredo Soeiro, University of Porto (Portugal),  Dr. Miguel Ángel Sicilia, Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), and Dr. Fergal Finnegan, University of Maynooth (Ireland).




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