Dr. John Schedel presents at the Julian Jaynes Society Conference

Dr. John Schedel, Associate Professor of Communication, presented “Julian Jaynes and Owen Barfield on the Origins, Nature, and Trajectory of Consciousness” at the Julian Jaynes Society Conference in Charleston, West Virginia, June 8.

Dr. Schedel compared and contrasted Julian Jaynes’s and Owen Barfield’s theories concerning the symbolic nature of perception and consciousness. The study includes an analysis of Jaynes’s and Barfield’s communication theories, their ideas concerning “the bicameral mind” (Jaynes) versus “original participatiion” (Barfield), and Jaynes’s and Barfield’s views concerning possible futures for human consciousness. More information may be found here: http://www.julianjaynes.org/conference/

  • : Kari Costelloe

Posted by: Kari Costelloe