Donald E. Nowak, Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Counseling & Clinical Psychology, is set to publish the final article in a series on college student / student-athlete gambling behavior issues with his latest research, “A Meta-Analytical Synthesis and Examination of Pathological and Problem Gambling Rates Among College Athletes,” published in the  Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, Volume 12, Issue 3. Dr. Nowak’s work involved a thorough literature review and coding procedure, which yielded data estimates retrieved from six studies conducted between 1987 and the present, surveying 2,130 college athletes in the United States. The estimated proportion of probable pathological gamblers among college-athletes was computed at 6.46%. Overall rates of subclinical problem gambling were computed at 8.97%.  Statistical significance was found in the influence of the percentage of non-white students on problem gambling rates.

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