On Friday February 29, Medaille College Assistant Professor of the Practice in Interdisciplinary Studies James Louis Ramsey, Ph.D., presented at the SUNY Erie Community College Retention & Success of Students of Color in Higher Education Conference. His topic was “How Low-Income Students Succeed at College.”

According to Dr. Ramsey, only about 56% of all students who enter college actually finish, including roughly 20% of low-income students. Despite this, many students, including many racial and ethnic minorities, aspire to two- and four-year degrees. Dr. Ramsey suggested that to improve the enrollment, retention and degree attainment of all low-income students, higher education institutions must not only embrace students’ diversity but also their cultural strengths, experiential knowledge, and alternative forms of social and cultural capital.

Dr. Ramsey detailed a vision of how low income, first generation, and students of color can succeed in college, including early and steadfast family support for students’ educational activities and aspirations, inclusive educational environments, supportive services, peer networks and mentoring. The presentation concluded by exploring progressive reforms designed to improve students’ pre-college preparation, calling for universal pre-K, reforms in teacher education and improving the K-12 pipeline into college.

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