Dr. Ramsey is slated to speak on “Closing the Gender Gap in Collegiate Degree Attainment” at the Eighth Biennial Networking in Higher Education Conference on June 2, 2017 at the Millennium Hotel-Buffalo.

After decades of trailing men in college enrollment and degree attainment, the percentage of young women attending college and earning bachelor’s degrees has eclipsed young men, especially among Hispanics and African Americans. Dr. Ramsey’s presentation explores reasons for the widening gender gap in educational attainment, including economic factors. As labor market barriers for women have decreased, the benefits of a college education have grown more for women than men. Many scholars suggest the higher incidence of behavioral and school disciplinary problems among boys may be a factor contributing to the enrollment and degree attainment gap for men.

This presentation provides a historical and contemporary perspective on the sociocultural manufacture of inequality in educational institutions, exacerbating the gender gap in enrollment and degree attainment. The presentation examines the socioeconomic implications of sub-par degree attainment among men in low-income communities and concludes with a discussion of progressive reforms designed to reverse the decline in male college enrollment and degree attainment.

  • : James Louis Ramsey, Ph.D.

Posted by: James Louis Ramsey, Ph.D.