On Friday February 28, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at Medaille College Caitlin Riegel, Ph.D., presented at the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE) Conference in Atlanta, GA. Her presentaiton, titled “Measuring Advanced-Level Program Impact: Examining Program Completer and Employer Satisfaction,” focused on pragmatic data collection methods for accreditation.

Dr. Riegel’s presentation addressed advanced-level program accreditation standards that require evidence of satisfaction from both program completers and their employers. Dr. Riegel discussed how data to support these standards may not be easily obtainable given the small sample sizes available at some colleges and restricted access to employers. Dr. Riegel shared a methodology she developed to collect evidence of program completer satisfaction, including perceptions of completer preparation relevant to current job responsibilities and program goals, as well as evidence of employer satisfaction, including employment milestones and marks on employer evaluations.

The presentation concluded by exploring recommendations for improved data collection, including advocating that higher education institutions gather updated contact information and solicit participation in studies prior to graduation, as well as provide participation incentives directly related to the field of education (e.g., free professional development sessions based on findings).

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